We love being able to celebrate our clients' achievements, big and small.
Here's a small sample of who we have been working with & what we have been working on.


Digital Preservation:
Cultural & Historical Artefacts

Through intensive research and development we have established systems which allow you to digitally preserve artefacts quickly and economically. 

Our digital archiving tools allow for the deep analysis of priceless subjects, whilst removing the risk of damage through physical inspection. We provide teams with the resources to cross reference features between subjects, scale, edit and save historical relics from the sands of time.

We can optimise our models for for web display or save them as high detail reference files using loss-less formatting.

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Recent graduates of Yoobee School Of Design ‘OGD’ built the top down survival game ClockOut

When it came to exhibiting their work they wanted to take it to the next level. With a bit of guidance from us, they got their characters ready for 3D printing, and within no-time they had a small army of 30mm zombie creatures chasing their prey across our production workbench.

We are always looking to support educational facilities and development with 3D printing and 3D scanning services.

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Wellington Museum: 
Hands on display

Working with Wellington Museum and Te Mahi, we captured a high resolution 3D scan of Hei paraoa (pendant, c.1890) carved by Jacob Heberley.

After digitally enlarging the model we printed an accurate plaster positive on our Projet 660Pro.

Our 3D print then got picked up by the team at Te Mahi who prepared it for public display, ensuring even the most inquisitive of fingers will cause no harm.


*Images kindly reproduced with permission of the Wellington Museum


NZ Post: 
Web friendly display

Working with the coin & stamp team at NZ Post, we have captured coins, then digitally optimised and enhanced them to show off their full story.

Once scanned, models are then prepared for display online through our web-based display service. If you have a product you want to display through social media or on your website, get in touch today for a free consultation.

Click and drag to inspect Te Wahipounamu, one of the native bird world heritage coins available now.

weta 3d scan-2.jpg

Burning Man:
Giant Flaming Weta

We were approached by the organisers of Kiwiburn and given the task of scanning of a rare giant weta. This scan went on to be used as reference geometry aiding the development of the heaviest fire-breathing display of national pride (ever) to be sent out into the Nevada desert. 

The weta came out of cold storage for the big event, necessitating a fast capture time to minimise risk of perishment. We captured the subject in under 30 minutes, and had the files ready and optimised for delivery within an hour.

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