The capture process is faster than ever before, and models can be generated for a range of different applications, from high resolution archival capture to web-friendly content for your online store-front we have you covered.


Artec Spider & Artec Eva

The presidential reserve of 3D scanners;  for jobs where capture time is restricted, and micron accuracy is a must.

Whilst used across a number of medical and scientific applications, our handheld scanning solutions bring industrial fidelity to the fields of 3D Art, Design & Cultural Preservation.

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Capturing detail up to a resolution of 0.1 mm, and full 24bit colour, come talk to us about your scanning project today! 

3D presidential portrait created by Artec



Original pieces of work never last as long as you would like them to. Things erode, bits snap off, or they get lost behind the sofa.

We captured the surface geometry of each model, retaining the raw scan data for future reference and 3D printing. In addition to this, we optimized a version of the scan so that it's ready for web-display, reducing the file size from ≈ 160mb to just > 1mb.

Using Sketchfab as a platform to display interactive 3D models, we combine multiple render layers and light the subject in virtual space, bringing life to an otherwise flat and unengaging image.

- - -

As we scan subjects, we can see them build in real-time. This allows us to flag problematic areas quickly, and ensure models are hole free and of the highest quality.